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September 16th, Monday.


In her book Prof. Turkle said that communication technology has such an important impact that we need to start taking into account and it's effers on our lifes. I would like to tel my opinion about this question.
I totally agree with Prof. Turkle because I think that communication technology is engine of social regression. People communicate for a long time without any devices ,passed on information and were more socially adapted. But now if you don't have a mobile device your savage in modern society. All people will look to you like "Oh my God! Who are you? You are from our planet Earth?" etc. With the development of social networks with people began to occur mental regeneration.The fact that a person can not afford a real-life, it can allow online. It becomes the cause of many mental illnesses and disorders such as: internet addiction. Under the influence of online communication, even the language began to change. Words became shorter and with letters began to be used numbers. Example: "hi how a u? lets g 4 a walk...". 
I think humanity must direct power of technology in a more appropriate and useful direction.

September 19th, Thursday


I find that I spend a lot of time on social networks. I look at my account several times a day. And when I come home from school. enter the account and do not go out until the evening. But the social network had no effect on my sleep and study.
I have a lot of friends in social networks. But with only a few people I talk to in real life. I have some virtual friends. I hope that when I'll see them all, because we have a very good deal. I never met with cyberbullying, because I follow a few simple rules:
1.Never tell anyone your email address.
2.Never enter your password of your account  in an unfamiliar form.
3.Change your password at least once every 2 years.
These rules guarantee the safety of you and your account.

November 19th, Monday


"Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson"

Authors: Lady Gaga, Terry Richards 

Grand Central Publishing 


360 p.

This consists of photos that Richardson took of Gaga during a ten-month period, ranging  from the singer's performance at Lollapalooza in 2010 to the final shows of her 2009–11 Monster Ball Tour.
This book giving us the spirit of music and art. All photos in book impregnated with a farious energy of Lady Gaga, her perfomances and her songs. 


Author: Boleslav Prus


Polish King's Tipography 

612 p.

Pharaoh is the fourth and last major novel by the Polish writer Bolesław Prus. Composed over a year's time in 1894–95, it was the sole historical novel by an author who had earlier disapproved of historical novels on the ground that they inevitably distort history.
Pharaoh is set in the Egypt of 1087–85 BCE as that country experiences internal stresses and external threats that will culminate in the fall of its Twentieth Dynasty and New Kingdom. The young protagonist Ramses learns that those who would challenge the powers that be are vulnerable to co-option, seduction, subornation, defamation, intimidation and assassination. Perhaps the chief lesson, belatedly absorbed by Ramses as pharaoh, is the importance, to power, of knowledge.

13th of February


1. I think that advertising is not really important for our society because advertising is not a basis of social relationships.A society can function without it.
2. I believe that in today's world it would be difficult to refuse advertising. Because advertising is one of the main layers of Economics and Business. Removing its economy will decline that saturate society in decline.
3.I agree with the opinion that advertising affects people. Because the meaning of advertising to influence the choice of a product. 
4.If I were a business owner I would spend money on advertising, as it would attract investment in my business, would increase the number of buyers of my products.
5.Advertising that I like the most is advertising  of airlines because it reminds me of the holiday.
6.No such advertising that would annoy me.
7. Before I bought the product I first see all analogs and shops before I buy it.
8. I do not always read the product reviews, because I know why I need it and other thing about what I buy.
9 .I do not particularly like the online stores. So I do not use their product information.

20 th of April

Film Review

Poster of the film.
My all-time favorite film is film by France24 Studio Canale "Belphegor - Fantom of the Luver". I revise this film every month. The plot of the film is entertainig,  A rare collection of artifacts from an archeological dig in Egypt are brought to the famous Musée du Louvre in Paris. While experts are using a laser scanning device to determine the age of a sarcophagus, a spirit escapes and makes its way into the museum's electrical system. Museum curator Faussier (by Jean-Francois Balmer) brings in noted Egyptologist, Glenda Spencer (by Julie Christie), to examine the findings, and she announces that the mummy inside the coffin was actually the evil spirit Belphegor. Meanwhile, Lisa (by Sophie Marceau), a young woman who lives across the street from the museum, follows her runaway cat into the Louvre after closing time. She accidentally receives an electrical shock that transfers the stray spirit into her body. Soon Lisa is disguising herself as Belphegor and making off with the rare Egyptian treasures on display at the museum, convinced that they are rightfully hers. When Belphegor proves more than a match for the Louvre's security forces, renowned detective Verlac (by Michel Serrault) is brought out of retirement to find out why the museum's Egyptian collection has been shrinking. Really gourgeous film, I tnihk! 
Sophie Marceau
Frederic Diefenthal
Almost, I like fantasy film, but I realy into a comedy and historical films (like "Tomb Of Tut" by National Geographic). My favourite actress of all time is Sophie Marceau. Her characters are always realistic. And that's why I living for sickning film's with this staning actress. I don't even think about my favourite actor but I realy believe it is Frederic Diefenthal. I saw many film with him in main roles: all "Taxi", "Belphegor","David Nolande" e.t.c. And at all this films Frederic combined in his characters fun and moving mood, wich is great for actor, because all in this world must have "gold center". My favourite director is director of "Belphegor" - Jean-Paul Salome.
Jean-Paul Salome
His films is reflection of reality. In his characters and production he trying to saying some important things, wich sometime we lose, His best films I've recently seen  are: "Les Braqueuses", "Belphegor - le phantom du Luver", "Arsene Lupin", "The Cameleon", and the last his film "Je Fais Le Mort".  I like whatching films at the original language (no metter if I know it or not), because I think I can better feel the characters. So, all film by J-P. Salome I watched in French. "Fly High" and "Charmed" I watched in English. "Story of Pak-Boom", "2NE1 Live At Japan", "Lose Me" - korean films, I whatched in Korean. Most of all English-speaking actresses and actors I've ever understand are Anne Hathaway, Simon Baker, Lady Gaga, Mia Waikowska. 

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  1. Artyom, thank you for your response!

    Your attitude to modern communication technology is very unusual for a teenager! And I can see what you mean saying we should be careful when using mobiles, etc.

    However, I'd like you to pay attention to the following things:
    Spelling mistakes and typos:
    1) In her book Prof. Turkle sad that... (look up SAD vs. SAID)
    2) it's effers on uor lifes... (its vs. it's; 1 life - many ...)
    3) I would like to tel my opinion ...

    There are a few grammar mistakes (tenses).

    Good luck!